Get Your Phase 1 or Phase 2 Clinical Trial Funded

Cantheon Capital funds any clinical asset that is ready to commence Phase 1 or Phase 2 clinical trials – up to 25% of the total clinical trial cost! On top of that, we’re able to cut 70% of the cost of a full GCP FDA-compliant clinical trial. And we reduce the startup time to “First-Patient-In” by over 80%.

How do we do it?

You heard right. On top of funding the world’s most innovative biotechs, we’re able to cut 70% of the cost of a full GCP FDA-compliant clinical trial for our investees. And we reduce the startup time to “First-Patient-In” by over 80%.

You’re wondering… How do we do it?

We use Australia as the research destination. Australia boasts an unmatched government funding scheme, allowing us to deliver exceptional results for US biotechs, while also magnifying the value of our investments. Cantheon partners with Australia’s leading CRO – iNGENū CRO – who are specialized in the US FDA regulatory pathway.

World-leading Venture Capital

Cantheon Capital brings over 20 years of experience, with a proven track record of identifying successful biotech companies who have the right combination of assets, team, advisors and strategy.

Premium quality clinical trial projects. 70% cost reduction.

Through our partnership with iNGENū we can deliver clinical trial projects at a 70% cost-reduction. In other words, you reduce the amount of capital your firm has to raise by 70% – which is revolutionary.

Fast-track your clinical trial application

Have your trial application lodged in 8 weeks as opposed to the 12+ month timeline you would expect in the US!

Phase 1 or Phase 2 Clinical Trial Funding: How It Works

Clinical Trials: The Australian Advantage

R&D Tax Incentive of 43.5%: A Global Leader

Australia’s Research & Development (R&D) Tax Incentive of 43.5% provides a rebate for all R&D expenses. This figure is considerably higher than the United States, which caps its incentive at 10%, with a maximum of $500k.

Accelerated path to clinical trials in Australia

You can expect to lodge Phase 1 clinical trial applications in 8 weeks on average, compared to the 9-12 months in the US.

Consequently, through the iNGENū Australian Advantage, it is possible to access clinical data and critical Go/No Go decisions for a product in a faster timeframe than any other country.

Rapid IRB / HREC Approval

Our clients benefit from a rapid turnaround of 3 – 5 weeks for Institutional Review Board/Human Research Ethics Committee approval due to the favorable regulatory and clinical environment in Australia.

Extensive Professional Site Network in Australia

Boasting an extensive network of PIs, clinical sites, plus GCP-compliant and FDA-accredited sites across Australia.

Our application process is simple

  1.  First, book a Discovery Call with one of our Advisors by completing the form below
  2. If you are successful, we’ll put forward a proposal and strategy within 5 business days
  3. If you’d like to proceed from there, we require a signed letter of intent, before we start designing your clinical trial

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